How does the program work?

We partner with local private schools that provide tuitions to us, at up to a 50% discount, in exchange for advertising for their schools. We’re able to offer these tuitions to you for your student’s first year in a participating school. You benefit with a great deal on private education and the school benefits by enrolling a new student and acquiring an advertising program to further promote their facility!

If I’m already enrolled in the school, can I participate in the program?

No. This is for new students only. 

What is the process?

First, call us to see if your school is a participant. Then check to see if the grade you need is offered. Next – set up an interview and tour of the school to see if you qualify. Once your child is accepted, you may purchase the voucher!

Are you able to hold the voucher for me while I go through the process?

We are able to hold the voucher for one week while you interview and apply.

If I purchase the voucher and decide not to enroll my child, may I get a refund?

Unfortunately, once we sell a voucher we can not provide a refund, unless the school or program is no longer in operation within thirty (30) days of purchasing the certificate.

When I purchase the voucher, do I have to pay the entire fee at once?

Yes. We prefer a credit card payment - checks are also accepted and your voucher will be release when payment clears.

May someone else buy the voucher besides me, the parent?

Yes! Often, a grandparent will choose to make the purchase, or help pay for part of the investment.

If a school is SOLD OUT on the website, are you able to ask for another voucher?

On a case by case basis we are able to approach our partners and request additional vouchers. Please call us directly to find out.