Reasons Why Your Family Should Consider A Private Christian Education

Proverbs 22:6, Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.


According to a recent Barna study, "schools are seen as a negative influence on faith formation. Clergy view parents, churches and Christian communities as positive influences on a child’s spiritual formation and development. However, children are spending most of their daytime weekday hours each at school, which is perceived by many church leaders as a negative influence on a child’s spiritual formation. In fact, schools are ranked alongside a child’s friends and peers as primarily negative influences. In some cases, the perceived negative influence of a child’s school or friend group outweighs a perceived positive influence by double." 

Christian schools can provide a strong Christian community to help positively influence your child's spiritual formation. 

A Christian school and their teachers shares your family’s value.  When you send your child or grandchildren to school, don’t you want them to taught by adults who have the same Christian Worldview as you?

An opportunity to grow deeper within Christian community and grow Christian friendships from all backgrounds

A Christian school typically provides smaller class sizes for your student to flourish. Smaller class sizes can allow for more one-on-one time, allowing for individual attention with each student to focus on individual academic needs.

A Christian School provides additional advantages for students like: 

  •  A significant academic advantage
  •  Narrower achievement gaps by race/ethnicity and income
  •  Better student behavioral outcome

Source: CAPE May 2013 Study